Greg Frank


Greg Frank, owner of Superior Credit Care, brings nearly thirty years of experience in the debt & credit field to his work.  In addition to offering the most comprehensive Credit Restoration services in the industry, Greg is also coauthor of the popular textbook, Invest in Your Debt, and a Certified Seminar Leader who has taught in Colleges, Corporations and Churches throughout the United States and Canada.  But it hasn’t always been so.  Greg’s formal education, both in high school & at the Temple University School of Communications, taught him many valuable things but absolutely nothing about money.  As a result, his financial education came from hard knocks in the school of life.  In 1989, Greg learned first hand the pain and vulnerability of excessive debt when an unexpected loss of income drove him to bankruptcy and divorce as well as personal and spiritual crisis.  After turning his own life around, Greg dedicated himself to the mission of helping others avoid the same pitfalls.  In 1996 Greg became a Certified Seminar Leader with Debt Free & Prosperous Living.  He began conducting seminars across North America, eventually starting his own financial education company, Debt Free Solutions, in 1998.  In 2000 Greg joined Invest in Your Debt, Inc. and its sister company, The Premier Institute for Financial Freedom, as Vice President of Training and Program Development where he helped author the landmark text, Invest in Your Debt, and played a prominent role in the design and implementation of numerous debt elimination and financial coaching services.  Greg relocated to North Carolina in 2003 where he established the Financial Fitness Center.  Already a widely recognized expert on debt elimination, Greg became a regional sales manager with Strategic Credit Group in 2006 to expand the repertoire of services he could offer, eventually acquiring the company and renaming it Superior Credit Care.  In 2012 Greg established the Superior Consumer Advocacy Network to expand his mission even further.  His own experiences make Greg uniquely empathetic to the plight of the folks who turn to Superior Credit Care for assistance because he knows too well how debt and credit issues can prevent people from moving ahead financially and adversely affect them for many years.

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