Credit Repair is the removal of inaccurate, obsolete or derogatory information from a credit report which is accomplished via the process of disputing the information.

The simple answer is “Yes”.  Historically, the credit bureaus have done a terribly sloppy job maintaining consumer credit files with the end result being millions of credit reports containing errors.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was enacted by Congress, originally in 1970 and revised several times since, to compel the bureaus to adopt better procedures to safeguard the accuracy, fairness and privacy of information on credit reports.  The FCRA grants consumers the right to challenge or dispute any piece of information on their report as long as they can raise a “legitimate question” as to its “accuracy or completeness”.  

Credit Repair is actually an unintended consequence of the vague language of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which grants consumers the right to challenge or dispute any piece of information on their reports.  The dispute process was specifically intended as a remedy for addressing errors, but because the ability to dispute is not limited, people soon figured out that they were not prohibited from disputing legitimate derogatory information, which gave rise to the credit repair industry.  While some may argue that disputing legitimate and accurate derogatory info is unethical, the FCRA does not prohibit it.  However, some companies engage in unethical practices to “repair” credit, so consumers should be cautious when choosing to work with a credit repair company.

If done properly, credit repair can be effective and result in increased scores, but typically only to a limited degree.  Despite the exaggerated claims of many credit repair companies, not all derogatory info can be removed by disputing it.  That’s why Superior Credit Care takes a wholistic approach to improving credit and offers a comprehensive service which includes far more than just disputing negative items.

Credit Repair is a buyer beware industry.  Some companies are rip offs which take people’s hard earned money and do nothing.  Others mislead consumers with hyperbole and exaggerated claims which make it seem like they simply wave a wand over credit reports and make negative info magically disappear.  Still others engage in unethical or illegal tactics to achieve results, which often do more harm than good.  Even the best credit repair companies are essentially one trick ponies where sending disputes to the credit bureaus is the only service they offer.  Superior Credit Care is the legal and ethical alternative to lousy credit repair.

If any company which disputes information can technically be labeled credit repair, then guilty as charged.  However, since the comprehensive services offered by Superior Credit Care go far beyond the scope of typical credit repair, we can unconditionally state that Superior Credit Care is NOT a credit repair company.  Instead, with nearly 30 years of experience, Superior Credit Card offers the most effective approach to credit restoration and improvement in the industry.