Food for thought.  When you were in school, you learned about the War of 1812, correct?  Did you learn what a credit bureau is or how your credit score is calculated?  Probably not.  When was the last time knowing about the War of 1812 made a difference in your life?

At Superior Credit Care we realized that credit repair and restoration services are not likely to have a lasting positive impact unless they are accompanied by a foundational credit education.  To that end, since 1996, our President and founder Greg Frank has taught thousands of debt and credit classes in community colleges, universities, churches and other adult education venues across the United States and Canada.  He is also co-author of the landmark textbook, “Invest in Your Debt” which has been taught in hundreds of colleges and universities since its initial publication.  

If your organization is looking for a presenter, Greg can custom tailor a presentation of any length on a wide variety of credit related topics to fit your needs.