Having Superior credit opens a world of financial opportunities and stability, offering a range of benefits that are starkly contrasted by the limitations of bad credit. With Superior credit, you gain access to favorable interest rates on loans and credit cards, saving you significant money over time. Lenders and financial institutions view you as a reliable borrower, making it easier to secure loans for major investments like buying a home, financing an education, family vacation, or a car loan.  Superior credit results in lower interest rates and more favorable terms on all loans and credit purchases.

Superior credit also often translates to lower insurance premiums and security deposits, reducing your overall costs. 

Conversely, bad credit can hinder your ability to secure loans, causing higher interest rates that accumulate substantial long-term debt. It can impact your chances of renting a home, getting approved for a credit card, and even affect job prospects. In essence, Superior credit empowers you to make sound financial choices and achieve your dreams, while bad credit impedes progress and results in financial strain.

Example of Bad Credit

Here is the real life impact of an individual with a 500 credit score versus a 750 score.  Both want to finance $30,000 over 72 months to purchase a vehicle.  The person with a 750 score gets a 4.9% interest rate, resulting in a monthly payment of $482.  The person with the 500 score, if they can get approved, gets stuck with a 21.9% rate, resulting in a $752 monthly payment.  That’s an additional $270 per month, in pure interest (profit for the bank!).  $270 per month for 72 months means the individual with poor credit will pay an additional $19,440 to drive the same car!   Does that seem fair?!?! 

If you’re Ok with giving away an extra $3,240 a year to drive a nice car or spending untold amounts of money over your lifetime essentially begging lenders to “help” you and paying higher interest rates on everything, then there is nothing we can do for you. However, if you want to take action and change your financial trajectory, then Superior Credit Care is here for you.

Banks charge higher interest rates on home, auto and all types of loans to borrowers with lower credit scores primarily due to the increased level of risk associated with lending to those individuals. Here are some key reasons for this:

We can help you solve these credit issues. If you’re willing to take action to improve your credit today we are here to help.  We have helped others  that have been in your exact situation. With our proven steps and with a little bit of discipline on your end. We can help make your dreams of excellent credit a reality come true.

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